Our Principles for
Professionalism & Performance

Our Principles for Professionalism & Performance

We hold each associate who joins our team fully accountable to the following ‘non-negotiables’ of our culture.

Our team is evaluated not only on their bottom line results, but on how those results are obtained. We believe that in order to create a healthy and effective work environment, we must first understand what has to be done, when it has to be done and in what way it should be done.

Professional Appearance

We have a strict, professional dress code which does not allow visible tattoos, piercings, unnatural hair color or styles, excessive make-up, large jewelry, non-business like attire, certain types of facial hair or non-conservative footwear. Associates must be in full, clean uniforms and management must follow a strict, professional dress code policy.

Work Ethic

We consider ourselves an elite team of hospitality professionals and we are passionate about our craft. We have an unwavering expectation of excellence. We expect all staff to be present for work and fully engaged while employing a strict attention to detail, even when no one is looking. As a 365 day, 24 hour, 7 day per week operation, we expect full availability of staff and all management to be available when business demands.


We will not tolerate gossip, slandering, pilferage or any action that takes away from the professional culture that has been built at the Ocean House and the Weekapaug Inn.

Forbes Five-Star

We have over 500 standards here at the Ocean House and Weekapaug Inn by which we unwaveringly abide. Every member of our team is fully committed to bringing these service standards to life as a regular way of doing business. We do not cut corners and we do not question the necessity of the Five-Star Standards. There is a deep belief and pride in the Five-Star way of life by all who work on our properties.


We endeavor to have a strong culture of excellence and fun. We will not tolerate negative complaining or the putting down of a fellow associate, the operation or the hotels as a whole. Negative types of behaviors are considered counterproductive to our culture. It is expected that associates will communicate in an open and professional manner to work through any differences that may arise. We foster a family environment and we function as one team where there are no titles whenever needed.


Part of working in hotels with exclusive associates and guests is the willingness to shed general “street” behavior. While we will never ask anyone to lose their individuality or style, we will ask that while on either property in the front or back of either house you will maintain a certain standard of speech, dress, posture, presence and behavior.

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